We’re Climbing to the Top

Alternative Canine Training offers a lifetime guarantee (Obedience For Life ™ ). Our Training works and we get the job done efficiently and in a timely manner. This is what separates us from the rest. We take the time to develop the skills of the pet and the pet’s owner and we work closely to perfect the communication between them. Our Training is fast but efficient because we know the ins and outs of what makes our products work. The knowledge and effort behind our team enhances the products we offer. Our team will lend you a hand in the process to see this for yourself and enjoy the journey. The proven track records and continual success backs up our numbers to ensure a worthy investment. We’ve studied and know the steps to having a successful business in the pet industry. We’re ready to share the knowledge if you’re ready to join us!

Our Purrr-fect Brand

We value our customers just as we value our brand and we want to develop a team that feels the same. Appreciation for the quality and effort in our brand’s goals is important, just as important as the service behind it. We only want team members that understands our approach and feel strongly that this works! Our pride weighs heavily on our convenient product options. Through persistence, time, and passion we developed our standards to where they are now and it takes just as much to keep them! Alternative Canine Training is dedicated to gain the recognition in this industry and so far, our model is doing big things. We believe that value is what matters. So is the value of your future with us. We are offering an opportunity to join our fast-growing brand and to trust that we have the components for a successful future! Our products offer each individual family a chance to work around their busy lives and still get their pet’s the care and Training they want and deserve. Check out our products below:

In Home Training

Group Training Class

Specialty Classes

Doggy Boot Camp


Say Hello to the Paw-sibilities

Today’s pet industry including dog training establishments keep trying to aim for the next big thing, while forgetting the natural and peaceful tranquility of the dog’s culture. This is also why there are so many dogs with anxiety issues. When someone gets a puppy or dog they are often faced with the decision of where to go to receive professional help. There are so many places that claim they have the knowledge. We aim to educate all pets and pet owners the natural and alternative training method and techniques that are proven to have great results. Since we have a variety of convenient training options and such a unique program, our customer base is always expanding. We’ve covered all the bases to ensure a well-rounded business. Creating the perfect base for a successful brand. With all our years of experience we have done very well so far and are ready to extend our family with you. Investing in Alternative Canine Training will help you achieve your goals and help you become your own boss!

Need Support?

Your interest is exciting to us, but instead of just saying it, let us show you. We offer numerous areas of support and want to compliment that with a management team that is willing to learn the tricks of the trade and has passion for the meaning behind our brand. Through our guided Training, marketing, and operational support we’d like to see someone apply themselves into their franchise. Along with our well organized Training programs, we will work with Franchisees to get their comfortability level high. After taking our advice, we want to see how you’ll make it your own. Alternative Canine Training will get you moving in the right direction!


We have a strong Training program that will implement the best of our industry expertise to help your franchise succeed at any level of experience.


We will coordinate the development of advertising materials and strategies for the benefit of all franchise members. Alternative Canine Training supplies each franchisee with consumer marketing plans and organized materials for use at any level of ownership.

Site Development

We will be giving you the best of our advice for proven results to get you going and provide the essential steps and foundation for a successful start.


The Franchisor or its affiliate will negotiate quantity discounts on behalf of all of its members, passing some or all of these savings on to the franchisees.


Reporting directly to administration, this department will help sort through the information and is responsible for the financial and legal oversight of all our franchisees.